God Is Closer Than You Think

Weekly on Thursdays,
starting February 15, 2018

What Are You Waiting For?

God Is Closer Than You Think shows how you can enjoy a vibrant, moment-by-moment relationship with your heavenly Father. Bestselling author John Ortberg reveals the face of God waiting to be discovered in the complex mosaic of your life. He shows you God’s hand stretching toward you. Using short introductory videos for each session, Ortberg illustrates the ways you can reach toward God and complete the connection―to your joy and His.

I look forward to leading and sharing this study with you. I have led it before, and the group thoroughly enjoyed getting a fresh perspective on practicing the presence of God. There is no homework, and there is no cost. Just come, relax, share, and discover a sharper awareness that God is closer than you think…

Father Ken +

Mark your calendar now for this no-cost Lenten supper & study time.

Thursday: Feb 15,22;, Mar 1,8,15,22

6:00 pm      Supper—NOT pot-luck—just come

7:00 pm      Lenten Study