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Here are some important dates of upcoming preschool events:

    • November 1 – No School
    • November 6, 2:00 am – Daylight Savings Time ends
    • November 7 – See’s Candy Fundraiser BEGINS
    • November 10 – Teddy Bear Portraits photo sessions
    • November 11 (Friday) – No School (Veterans Day)
    • November 17 & 18 – Thanksgiving class parties
    • November 21-25 – Thanksgiving Recess – No School

Our Mission…

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment dedicated to individual growth, with focused attention on growing language skills in English and Spanish. Our goal is to prepare children for a lifelong journey of learning by instilling Christian values, developing positive social skills and encouraging academic success.

Our Purpose and Method…

We offer a bilingual (English and Spanish) preschool program for children 2½ years old (and potty trained) to 5 years old, from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We offer a balanced daily schedule of active play, learning, rest, and snack times, incorporating English and Spanish into every aspect of their school day. We integrate a careful balance of visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning.
Our curriculum is presented in English and Spanish to prepare your child for a dual language program following preschool, if you choose to follow that direction.


2022-23 Calendar
Preschool Flyer in English

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