Important dates of upcoming preschool events:

    • April 11, 12: 10:30 am Field Trip to Hollister Fire Station – See your newsletter for details.
    • April 15-19: Parent / Teacher Conferences
    • April 22,23: Earth Day classroom activities
    • April 29, 30: Dia del Niño Celebrations
    • Registration packets for the current Spring semester – and for this coming Fall – are available in the Office from Mariza.
    • Please share with friends and neighbors about our wonderful preschool !!

From Parents…

“We are truly blessed to have our daughter attend Little Bridges Preschool.  My daughter has always been connected to me at the hip and couldn’t bear to be away from me.  However, since her first day, she was welcomed with open arms by her teachers and friends and has never looked back.  She looks forward to going to school every day to see her teachers and friends.  The teachers and staff are so kind and loving.  I am at peace knowing that she is in a safe and loving environment, while also having so much fun!  Thank you Little Bridges Preschool!  We are so thankful for you!”

“My twins are thriving at Little Bridges Preschool! It’s a playful, loving environment where education is fun. I couldn’t believe it when my 3 year-olds came home from school and could count to 10 in English and Spanish. They’ve learned to recite their ABCs and are starting to recognize and write letters. It seems like every day they are singing new songs from school, and I was so happy to discover that they’ve even memorized the Pledge of Allegiance and the Lord’s Prayer at Little Bridges Preschool! The best part is that the teachers have presented all these things in such a fun way that my kids don’t even realize they’re learning. The teachers are warm and compassionate, and my children have made great friendships and are developing valuable social skills and manners. I believe that the transition to kindergarten will be an easy one because of what the wonderful staff at Little Bridges Preschool has taught them.”

Our Mission…

Our mission is to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment dedicated to individual growth, with focused attention on growing language skills in English and Spanish. Our goal is to prepare children for a lifelong journey of learning by instilling Christian values, developing positive social skills and encouraging academic success.

Our Purpose and Method…

We offer a bilingual (English and Spanish) preschool program for children 2½ years old (and potty trained) to 5 years old, from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds. We offer a balanced daily schedule of active play, learning, rest, and snack times, incorporating English and Spanish into every aspect of their school day. We integrate a careful balance of visual, kinesthetic and auditory learning.
Our curriculum is presented in English and Spanish to prepare your child for a dual language program following preschool, if you choose to follow that direction.


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