Sermons from November 2017

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Last Sunday after Pentecost; 11/26/2017

Pentecost Last
Martin Luther King once said that the tragedy of the civil rights movement was not the evil done by the bad people, but the indifference of the “good” people—those who did not take the opportunities that were open to them. One theme of the last three weeks of Gospel lessons is the tragedy of lost opportunity. Three weeks ago Jesus taught that even in hardship we can find blessings. The foolish bridesmaids from two weeks ago missed the feast because they missed the opportunity to get oil for their lamps. Last week, the slave with one talent failed to take the opportunity to make an increase on what had been given to him by his master. All missed opportunities.

Pentecost 24A; Proper 28; 11/19/2017

Pentecost 24A
Proper 28
I grew up in a culture that some of you might connect with:
A child is to be seen, and (not heard)
Don’t speak to an adult unless (you are spoken to)
This culture taught me to stay quiet, and to believe I should never think I am very good at anything. In language as a Christian, I learned to ignore God’s gifts in me.