Sermons from April 2018

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Fifth Sunday of Easter 4/29/2018

Fifth Sunday of Easter

When I was a teenage boy, I was active in Boy Scouts. I loved it. I loved camping out, I loved learning how to read maps and to follow marked trails. I loved wearing my scout uniform, and I loved earning merit badges. I looked forward to every summer, when I knew that my parents would let me leave the family business for a week, and go off to scout camp: Camp Portaferry in the Adirondack Mountains in NNY.

Fourth Sunday of Easter 4/22/2018

Fourth Sunday of Easter

In the late 1960’s someone published a collection of wisdom sayings common to American mothers. Some of those sayings sound very familiar to me; “OK, you can go to Randy’s house, but don’t overstay your welcome.” “Just because somebody jumps off a bridge, does that mean that you jump, too?” And the one I remember the most, “Don’t make me call your father.” Can you hear your mother’s voice there?

Third Sunday of Easter 4/15/2018

Third Sunday of Easter

The Scripture lessons today describe more than one transformation that began with the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus proved that his resurrection was no illusion; his appearance was not in some ghostly form; he was physically present and alive. But John’s account of this meeting tells us that while Jesus proved his physical presence to Thomas and the others, he got into the room through locked doors!