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First Sunday after Christmas Yr A: 12/29/2019

Christmas 1: Yr A

I hope you had a fabulous day last Wednesday. I hope you were able to share time with people you love; maybe to have a special meal together; and maybe to get a gift or two from people who want to be sure you know that you are loved. I think that is the very important point to sharing gifts. It’s nice to get a new calendar from my insurance agent, but that really misses the point to the purpose of the gifts at Christmas.

First Sunday after Christmas: 12/30/2018

Christmas 1 C

John (the theologian) takes us to a heavenly perspective on the importance of the birth of the baby Jesus. It is high theology, and it is easy for the lessons this Sunday to get very complicated very quickly. But there is an important dimension here of who Jesus was. John’s prologue explains the significance of Christmas that I had never heard until I took courses in seminary. Let’s see where John is taking us.