Sermons from March 2018

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Palm Sunday 3/25/2018

Palm Sunday

Today we begin a week closely following Jesus’ welcome as king into the city of Jerusalem; the last meetings with his disciples; his giving final instructions and teachings; the betrayals and abandonment; tears, false accusations, humiliation, agony, execution and burial.

Fifth Sunday in Lent; 3/18/2018

5 Lent

After the Israelites escaped Egypt, God isolated them from all the other nations. He gave them the Ten Commandments as a physical sign of the covenant that was now in place with God. But Israel lacked the resolve to keep the covenant. God led them for 40 years through the wilderness, (a very long route for the distance they really had to travel – have you seen a map of their route?). They were taken away from distractions to build community, to live into their relationship with each other and with God. Still they lacked the commitment to stay to the task.