Trinity Sunday

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Trinity Sunday: 6/16/2019

Trinity Sunday Yr C

Today is Trinity Sunday. In the rest of our church year we read scripture for history, stories, or parables about what God DOES in the world; today’s lessons focus on WHO GOD IS. God is Spirit, and so the more we can understand the nature of God, the more likely we are to recognize God’s presence and activity around us. Christianity is unique in this understanding of a triune God, and it offers us a way to get our heads around the works of our infinite God.

There is an intellectual side to our understanding the nature of God, and there is an experiential side to it.

Trinity Sunday; 6/11/2017

This is a very different kind of Sunday in the church year. Every other Feast Day of the year is about an event (like Easter or Christmas or Epiphany or Pentecost). But today we celebrate a doctrine.  Brilliant minds over the last 2000 years have worked to clearly define the Trinity. Listen to some of the attempts: