Second Sunday after the Epiphany Yr A: 1/19/2020

Epiphany 2: Yr A

Six years ago I was given the life changing invitation by Bp Mary to be on the team from this diocese who met with teams from Tanzania and Gloucester, England to get to know each other, and to discuss how we are different, and how we are the same. People from Gloucester and DWT told us how Christianity came to their country, and how Christianity is shaped and witnessed in their countries today. The speakers from TZ described how the hunger for faith in Jesus was so strong that they could not build new churches fast enough

First Sunday after Christmas Yr A: 12/29/2019

Christmas 1: Yr A

I hope you had a fabulous day last Wednesday. I hope you were able to share time with people you love; maybe to have a special meal together; and maybe to get a gift or two from people who want to be sure you know that you are loved. I think that is the very important point to sharing gifts. It’s nice to get a new calendar from my insurance agent, but that really misses the point to the purpose of the gifts at Christmas.

Third Sunday of Advent Yr A: 12/15/2019

Advent 3: Yr A

John had his own idea of what the Christ, the anointed one, would be like. He expected a Messiah who would protect the righteous and punish the unrighteous. He saw Jesus eat with sinners, and assemble students rather than an army.
Instead of preaching hell-fire, Jesus preached grace.
Instead of punishing sinners, Jesus reached out to them.
Instead of building up a political kingdom, he preached about a heavenly kingdom.

John asked, ‘Jesus, are you the one, or should we wait for another?’

First Sunday of Advent Yr A: 12/01/2019

Advent 1: Yr A

Today we begin the holy season of Advent. And in this season of lengthening nights; of cold, wet weather; the change from fall colors in the trees to a grayish cast to everything; all of this darkness starts being overtaken with colored light bulbs, strings of sparkly garland, joyful music, warm memories of our time as children at this time of year, and by the glow of candlelight – all of these images of ‘light’ are represented by the first candle of Advent that we lit this morning.

Pentecost Last YrC Proper 29: 11/24/2019

Pentecost Last; Yr C

Herod was afraid that Jesus would be a rival to his kingship over Judea. Pilate could not understand how this itinerant preacher, without crown or scepter or throne could be considered a king by anybody. Only a small gathering who followed him, listened to him preach, and saw him active in his ministry, could see that he was a very different kind of leader: he was their spiritual king.

So today we honor the reign of our spiritual king.

Pentecost 23C Proper 28: 11/17/2019

Pentecost 23; Yr C

The reading from Luke’s Gospel today can be divided into three parts: Jesus’ prediction that the Jerusalem Temple would be destroyed; giving some signs to tell when the time is coming for the full arrival of God’s Kingdom on the earth; and warning that there would be a time when his followers would be persecuted.